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Jul 1, 2012 11:30am EDT
man. they had worked with dad for over 35 years. the guys from the u.s. air counter, who told me that he took dad through security, especially a number of times when he was suffering from alzheimer's. i wanted to dig in what it meant to be great and what it meant to be good there are a lot of great people in washington and so-called men and women. but when the lights go off they're not good to the camera crew or the waitresses in the arrest raunt. my dad was good to everyone, whether you were the president of the united states or the guy at the gas station. >> one of the things you dig into is some of the letters you had from your dad. talk about what a prolific writer he was to his children. >> he wrote to me almost every day of my life. when i was in high school and college and after i graduated from college and got married. he would write me these long notes, about a baseball game or what we discussed at dinner or a book. and he would say, these are the best chapters in it. he was constantly fathering. he was constantly giving ideas and support and the fact that he took it out
Jul 15, 2012 11:30am EDT
story is about. who will make it of all of us, who knows. but i think that i love the fact that, that our creator, greg berlonte couldn't resist some of the salient facts of the clintons. but i always felt from the moment i started reading it. that elaine was her own person. i wouldn't dream of trying to imitate or impersonate hillary clinton, whom i admire very very much and i think she's done an awesome job in every job she's had. but i wouldn't -- you know, i would need months to prepare for that. but this, i just sort of turned the page and i was in the world of the hammonds and in the world of washington, d.c. which is so fascinating. and i just sort of jumped off the cliff. >> we have a clip actually of your character, elaine in the concession speech. says that she certainly plans on living to see the first woman president. >> although we were not successful in securing the nomination, this campaign has had so many victories. and i want to take a moment to say something to the young women and little girl who is joined our cause. please, don't be discouraged by my loss. as
Jul 22, 2012 11:30am EDT
. but over time, when you have kids and particularly if they need you, and my kids needed us more as teenagers, not very surprisingly, i think many women feel that tug. that tug of you know, i'm responsible to my children and i'm also career professional. in ways that mean they are more likely to take time out. now that may again change but i think a lot of men feel, i'm providing for my family. i might want to take more time. but i can't. i have to take that promotion. even though there's real cost to the career. >> that does assume that men are incapable. so women are capable to achieve both. but men are incapable to achieve both. in other words you're still, you still believe that most men are not capable of being, of playing at least 50% of the role at home. being focused on the dual goal of career achievement and home achievement is that accurate today? >> i think most in most couples when it comes down to who is going to defer their career aspirations, versus taking care of the kids, it is still you could put it a different way, you could say it's much harder for a man to sa
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3